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Painting Tomball TX

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We take the necessary precautions, by moving furniture out of the way, protecting your floors and all your personal belongings with plastic sheets. Our interior painters are exceptionally talented in blending in colors in order for you to get that perfect bold color or soothing pastel tone that you desire.
We’ll help you choose the perfect color that will match your home furniture and also assure they blend in the best possible way. We do not leave our work until we get your 100% satisfaction.


For homeowners, having decorative wall paintings in their house is a great way to add character, color and vision to their home. [Company name] offers decorative painting services for homeowners from interior walls to foyers, bedrooms or even fireplaces. We’ll make sure you get the results you’ve always dreamt of.

Doors & Baseboards

We will paint doors and baseboards in your home or office. We use the best quality paints on the market to ensure that you get an even finish with no drips or runs. Our experienced painters are trained to get any job done quickly while maintaining their professionalism at all times.
[Company name] will help you choose the right color and application method that will match your home’s decor. Our interior painters work with a passion using only the best quality paints to give you that beautiful effect you’ve always dreamt of.

Staining & Refinishing

Staining & refinishing is the process of applying paint to an existing surface to give it a change in color, while restoring it back to its original look. This time-tested technique has been used for years and the results are always tasteful. With this method, we can hide stained walls or floors while also sealing them against humidity for many years to come.


Painting cabinets is not an easy task to do, so don’t take this for granted. Our ‘cabinet painting specialists’ will take the necessary steps in order to get that perfect finish. Whether you want to paint just your kitchen cabinets or all of them, we’ll make sure they look amazing and blend with your room perfectly. On top of that, our painters can also bring back a little shine to old cabinets while making sure they are protected for humidity.



Painting exterior walls requires great care and experience. The painting process can be very harmful to you, your family and pets if not done correctly. Our painters are extremely careful when masking the area by taping off windows with plastic sheets that will protect all your belongings from paints.

We use special paint for exterior painting jobs because of its increased durability and resistance to humidity and rust. We will apply multiple coats of the paint in order to get your desired effect and color.


If you’re looking for a contractor that can handle your deck or trim painting needs, [Company name] is the one to call. The exterior paint we use is specially formulated in order to withstand humidity and any unpredictable weather conditions. We’ll make sure your outdoor area looks good as new and will remain protected from humidity and rusting for many years to come.


Fences are usually made of wood and if not painted properly, they can easily rot or break. Our professional painters will make sure to stain or paint your fence so it looks brand new as well as protecting it from humidity for many years. We use special paint that will not fade or peel because of humidity.


Sometimes your flat or wall is not ready for painting. This process is called “waterproofing” where the walls are coated with special liquid chemicals to fight humidity and any rusting effect. If this is the case, our painters will make sure to waterproof your walls before painting them. This way you can be sure that your painted flat or wall has a uniform look and won’t peel from any humidity coming in contact with it.

Pressure Washing

A dirty exterior can make a building look old and tired. Not only it will affect the curb appeal of your property, but also its resale value. [Company name] is here to provide you with complete exterior cleaning services using the best power washing equipment that will remove caked on dirt along with mold or moss growing on your walls or metal roofs. We can also remove any paint or rust stains that are visible on the surface of your flat’s walls. Our exterior cleaning services are carried out by trained professionals who will make sure to remove mold, graffiti and dirt without damaging your property in any way.


Apartment Complex

If you’re responsible for maintaining a large apartment complex, then you’ll need to turn to the experts for help. Our team can handle all of your commercial painting needs from small offices to large shopping mall franchises. We understand that each property is unique and requires its own treatment plan, so we use careful planning in order to give them their desired look. Our painting contractors make sure to use a special paint that is resistant from humidity and will last you many years to come.

Shopping Centers

Do you own a large shopping center? Tomball Paint Pros works closely with mall owners and property management companies in order to provide them with a high quality painting service. We use safe chemicals that will not damage your property or its inhabitants. Our painters always have the proper equipment needed, so they work fast while avoiding any disruptions on your business.


You can trust Tomball Pros to help you with all of your commercial painting needs. Our painters are trained in order to provide you with a high quality finish that will make your place stand out while still offering the necessary protection you need. We use only the best paint for exterior walls which is specially formulated in order to resist humidity and not fade.
The team at [Company name] is trained to work on high rise buildings, office blocks or hospitals with an exterior wall that needs to be painted. The painting contractors we use are always willing to go the extra mile in order to provide you with the best service possible. Every painting project will be custom-made to your preferences and we will make sure to clean up everything before we leave.


If you’re in need of painting services for your school, then turn to [Company name]! We work with many different educational facilities in order to provide them with high quality paint services in their playgrounds, libraries and classrooms in general. Our painters are trained in the proper techniques in order to provide you with a service that will last.

No matter what your property is located at, [Company name] is here to provide you with quality painting services. Our commercial painters can take on all types of properties such as hospitals, shopping centers and schools. The team we use will make sure to treat your place with care and respect it in the best possible way.


Take a look at our commercial painting experience and find out for yourself why we are the best choice when it comes to your next property paint job. Our expert painters can work on restaurants, bars or any other business where you need high quality paints in order to get its desired look. We’re trained to handle all types of surfaces such as brick, stone or even metal.

Our Story

High Quality Residential & Commercial Painting Since 1985

Tomball Paint Pros is the painting company in Tomball, Texas that paints customer’s walls with creativity and care. Our painters are passionate about making customers happy by finding them the perfect paint color to match their personality while hiding unsightly stains on the wall. We are known throughout Tomball for our quality customer service and word of mouth referrals.
For quality assurance Paint Toms Ball keeps its work trucks clean, interior odorless and respects its green surroundings by using green paints whenever possible. From large residential properties all the way down to shopping centers, offices or apartments, We urge you to call for a free estimate today.
Join the hundreds of satisfied clients that have already had their walls painted with care.

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"I called [Company name] in order to get a quote for our building's exterior and was very happy with the results. They managed to paint it exactly how I wanted so I will definitely call them again when it comes time for a fresh coat of paint."

Client Since 1995

"We own a restaurant and we had [Company name] complete our painting project. They did such a great job that we ended up hiring them again to paint the interior as well. Their prices are reasonable and I couldn't imagine going with anyone else."

Client Since 1995

"We hired [Company name] for our shopping center's exterior painting project. All of their employees were very professional and they managed to transform our place into a much brighter area that we can be proud of."

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"As a property manager, I need to make sure my tenants are happy with the paint job in their office. [Company name] helped me out greatly and they did such a great job that I will definitely call them again!"

Tomball Resident

"When our offices needed more brightness, we knew exactly who to call! [Company name] is very friendly and professional. They did their work at a fast pace and even provided us with some pointers on how to make our office look better in the future!"

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